10 years of NaTrue: Let’s learn more about this mark

Natrue, a international non-profit Associations of producers, was born in 2007 for define internationally what is organic and natural cosmetics and to regulated this Cosmetic branch. For answering to this two point in 2008 was lunched the NaTrue mark. The ingredients allowed in Natrue certified products are divided in three categories:

  • Natural ingredients: are unmodified and may be obtained only by physical processes or fermentation.
  • Derived natural ingredients: are the result of permitted chemical reaction processes on only natural ingredients.
  • Nature-identical ingredients: can be either pigments, minerals or preservatives. They are reproduced in the laboratory but exist in nature. These ingredients are allowed when it’s strictly necessary in order to ensure consumer safety (preservatives) or for purity (minerals/pigments). All of them have one essential characteristic: they can be found in nature.

NaTrure divide the products in 13 different categories  for set the requirements according to product categories. Because they know that a Body Wash can’t have the same level of guaranteed natural ingredients as body oil. And they also divide the certification in tree level:

  • Natural Cosmetic: this level is the foundation of the NATRUE Label: it defines which ingredients are permitted and how they may be processed. Products belonging to the two other levels need to fulfil the criteria of this level first. Per product type, there is a guaranteed threshold for natural ingredients and a cut-off level for derived natural substances. Many products certified to this level contain organic ingredients which is not a requirement of the standard but a company choice.


  • Natural cosmetic with organic portion: all the above mentioned conditions apply but at least 70% of natural ingredients must stem from controlled organic production and/or controlled wild collection. Compared to the first level, we require higher levels of natural ingredients and lower levels of derived natural ingredients.


  • Organic cosmetic: both of the above mentioned conditions must apply with at least 95% of natural ingredients stemming from controlled organic production and/or controlled wild collection. Compared to the second level, we require even higher levels of natural ingredients and even lower levels of derived natural ingredients.
    and/or derived natural, where applicable.

On the NaTrue official site there’s the complete list of the product they  certificated.

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