5 Christmas market that deserve a visit once in a lifetime

One of the most exciting things about the Holiday season, are the Christmas markets, all around Europe from north to sud passing by east and west most of the cities organize these events that involve thousand of people every year carried away by the Christmas spirit. Markets take place at the squares or along the city streets, overlooked by dozens of wooden houses that host different types of food and objects, it ranges from local crafts including Christmas decorations, wooden statuettes, handmade scarves, or caps, to typical food or drink. On this place  it is possible to find an amazing Christmas decoration or an original  present to surprise friends and relatives, and at the same time taste some of the typical delicacies of the holidays time.

Here a selection of the most beautiful Christmas market alla round Europe:

  • Strasbourg

It Take place from 24 November to 30 december 2017 at the Grand Ile, The island that encloses the historic center of Strasbourg declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a place that during the Holiday time has a unique charm.The markets are located around the main square Place Broglie, the neighboring streets and the  Place de la Cathédrale. All the locations offers different kinds of Christmas-themed decoration, objects and clothes like  sweaters, gloves or caps, to satisfy the taste of all the Christmas lovers.Christkindelsmärik is the main market located near the cathedral and has the large number of stalls, this market is famous all around Europe for a typical traditional little cakes and biscuits named Bredele baked for the Christmas time in all this France region and for the scent of spice that you can smell all around the streets, which will help make you fall in love with this place.

  • Dresden


From 29th November to 24th December 2017 The Striezelmarkt this is the name of the market that take place in Dresden  will conquer all of you that decide to strolling around this place. The market starts in  1434 for the first edition, is one of the ancient market of all Europe and this year celebrate the 583 edition. One of the attraction is the Christmas pyramid that stands on the square, capturing all the eyes of the visitors. Is really difficult describe how wonderful this place is, all the city is filled of this lovely wooden houses that expose various type of merchandise , foods and hot  drinks, it’s not hard to find here all you need for your Chrismas tree, a little gift for your loved one or a wood toy to take for your childs.  This is the perfect place to live the German Christmas atmosphere.

  • Tallin

The Estonian capital is absolute an evergreen for who love the authentic Christmas atmosphere, here can be found dozens of wooden houses decorated by a myriad of lights always whitewashed by a snow cover that falls copious during the months of November and December where it takes place the market, for this year is possible visit it betwen the 17 novembre 2017 until 06 january 2018 on the Town Hall Square. Strolling around the market, is easy find thousand of  local craft products to buy  or taste some Estonian culinary delicacies like black pudding or whole sour cabbage.

  • Prague

Prague’s Christmas markets are undoubtedly one of the most amazing Christmas events in Europe that attract thousands of tourists every year in the Czech Republic’s capitalThe market that take place from 2 december 2017 to 06 january 2017 is located in several different place like the Old town square, Wenceslas square , Republic Square,  Havel’s Market,  Kampa Island and on the square in front of St. George’s Basilica at Prague Castle.The most biggest are the market on Old town square an amazing place where you can find even the beautiful Christmas tree that gives an additional magical  touch to the square and  the markets of Wenceslas square where you can taste a Czech muffins or the famous Trdelník a typical Czech cake  made from rolled dough, wrapped around a stick, grilled and topped with sugar and walnut mix.

  • Göteborg


The second Swedish city by number of inhabitants celebrates the holiday season with several markets located in different locations, like the market on the old Haga quarter from 25 of november to 17 of december, the  traditional Christmas market in Kronhuset one of the Gothenburg’s oldest buildings, or the Christmas market at Röda Sten art Centre here there are objects create from painters, designers sculptors from all Sweden. But in this city there is also the largest Christmas market in the whole Sweden the markets on  Liseberg Amusement park,  with about five million lights illuminating it is definitely a magical and spectacular place that conquer the hearts of visitors every year.

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