5 tips for avoid the post holidays madness

Going back to the daily routine can be hard. Here five tips that could be helpful to overcome the daily stress.

1) Choose carefully the tv show you don’t want miss: the first few weeks of work or school are the most hard because you feel the tiredness of the long hours spent outside, so what better after a stressful day than to relax on the sofa in front of the new episode of your favorite series.

2) Organize a weekend trip  with friends:Autumn is coming but September still give us long hours of light and mild temperatures, so why not take this opportunity for organize  a get away? This is an ideal time to visit a long list of destinations, because low season makes possible to save some money but at the same time exploring new cities.

3) Try to restore sleep schedule:
Holiday weeks, whene the sleeping hours are reducede, to spend the evenings with your friends or loved ones until  crack of dawn, have contributed to busting your sleep wake rhythm and going back to routine is not easy?  In this case if the problem is mild, sleep can be helped by using herbs such as: valerian, melissa or chamomile, that even in the form of  infusions can help to reconcile night-time sleep

4) Treat nutrition: a healthy and balanced diet with organic products can really give you that extra edge to not feel too tired during the day, improve mood and then make you feel much better physically and emotionally. Your stress level will drop and you will be much more productive at school ,work and in all activities that you do during your day.

5) Be positive: Nothing can help you more than a positive thought, so do not make the pessimism take over and you will see that the daily difficulties will have another taste

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