A day in Verona

The last couple of months was a very busy period, so I decide to take a day off and spend my free time in the beautiful Verona. The City is very pretty, clean and small so you can stroll from place to place. I start my tour from Castelvecchio museum and Scaligero bridge and continue to Piazza Bra where is the Arena. This Roman amphitheater, is the third in order of size in Italy and the best preserved. After that I take Via Mazzini (the shopping avenue of Verona). I arrived in Piazza Delle Erbe a very characteristic square, during the day there is a cute market where you can find some random things. In the plaza you can admire Torre Lamberti, a cute baroque house named Case Mazzanti and the fountain Madonna Verona. If you not afraid of heights, you can climb Torre Lamberti and see Verona from a different prospective.
Before proceed the walk I stopped in a really quaint Bar called Caffe Borsari with the window full of special objects and excellent coffee. I continued my walk pass under Arco della Costa were is hangs a whale rib. The legend say when a person sinless passing under the rib it go to fall of. I continued my walk in Piazza Dei Signori and at the end of the square I find the suggestive Arche Scaligere a Gothic funerary monument which hosts the most illustrious personalities of Scaligeri family.
My walk towards to Romeo’s house, and then go back and visit the characteristic Juliet’s house with the famous balcony, the porch full of love message and the statue of Juliet. The legend say: if you touch the statue breast you’ll be lucky in love. I conclude my day in Piazza Bra sitting in one of the many local  drinking a Bellini and admiring the splendid Arena.

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