Autumn in Vermont

Imagine an endless expanse of woods that from the backdrop to a mountain, whose name Green Mountains characterizes an entire State, Vermont.
From September to November, these forests give life to a natural phenomenon called foliage involving a number of tree species that changing the colour of its Leaves painting the landscape of red, brown, yellow and orange tones that are impossible to forget if you are lucky enough to visit these woods once in a lifetime. The Vermont is located in the region of New England in the United States of America. Is famous worldwide for the autumn foliage considered by many, the most beautiful on the planet so attracts thousands of tourists every year.

The city heart of the Green Mountains is Manchester, a quiet town where regeneration is the keyword.
Here everything is slower, you can relax walking along the streets of the town stopping to eat at one of the local restaurants or having fun in recreational activities organized such as: hikes, painting classes, yoga outdoor classes or playing golf at the equinox golf club famous and renowned for its courses. The most important natural attraction in the area is Mount Equinox with its 1170 meters high and the woods that characterize it offers a breathtaking view, which you can appreciate by driving along Mount Equinox Skyline Drive a panoramic road with squares of stop where you can stop to enjoy the views along the way. Here is a link where you can find various solutions to stay in Manchester with a special mention at Equinox Resort & SPA.

But this state really gives us many places to stay enchanted: Montpelier the capital, has nothing to do with the other U.S.A. capitals. Is a truly delightful town with its Vermont State House, characterized by the Golden dome symbol of the city, The River Winoosky flows through the west of the city and offers a vacation of relaxation and good food.

Arlington and Bennington, located in Bennington County are two cities easily accessible from Manchester, by driving along the roads that will always give crazy scenery. Bennington is one of the largest city of the states  whose symbol is the Bennington Battle Monument built to commemorate the Battle of Bennington (1777) as the turning point of American Independence war, while Arlington is a quiet little town with five mountains that represent it as Grass Mountain, The Ball, Big Spruce Mountain, Spruce Peak, Red Mountains, a paradise for hikers.

Stowe, famous for the ski slopes offers one of the most beautiful foliage, thanks to the Gondola SkyRide cable car that will take you to the top of Mount Mansfield where you will be able to venture into wonderful hikes or eat at Cliff House Restaurant. For staying in this little town I suggest The Trapp Family Lodge here the site a wonderful lodge located in the middle of nature.


Cambridge a town in Lamoille County that also includes the Jeffersonville Village is great because being crossed by the Lamoille River offers really impressive views and even here you can relax at Smugglers’ Notch Resort here

The Vermont is a state that offers a marvelous nature, who citizen have taken on the commitment to protect and this permit that the woods and natural beauties symbol of the state, for which it is famous all over the world may remain untouched  for a long time to allow  future generations to admire their beauty. The list of places to see is long every town is definitely characteristic for this below I leave you a useful map for those who decide to venture out to discover these places by car to live and enjoy the charm of this season the fall.

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