Botanical Black by Puro Phi. Detoxyfing body cleanser

If you are looking to a new concept of body cleanser, you definitely have to try Botanical Black by PuroPhi an Italian brand that brings on a different levels the organic cosmetic game. Botanical Black is a body treatment in oil-serum that detoxifying and gentle cleansing your skin. The brand says about the product ” Intensely lipidizzante, it prevents dehydration, leaving the skin oxygenated, moisturized and glowing. For all skin types.” I was testing the Botanical Black for the past few weeks and I’m really impressed.

The packaging is very minimal,simple, elegant and all about the black and white. The dispenser is very practical because avoid any waste of the product. In the bottle we can find 200 ml of the product and the PAO is six months. The formula of Botanical Black is really interesting because is more that a plain body clenser is a body treatment that detoxifynourish and also cleansing your skin.

The main ingredient is the bamboo charcoal famous for its high purifying and antioxidant power in the formula we can find  tea extract, rice oil, shea butter,sunflower oil and sweet almond oil. I’m on my second bottle and I really enjoying using it every time, because gently cleans my skin and leaves my body soft. The fragrange is delicate and sweet. The product is certificate AIAB, vegan and nickel tested. You can find here the Botanical black for 26,00€.


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