Dine in a vineyard? If you never did, it is time to book

Dine surrounded by nature in an incredible location as an italian vineyard can be a unique experience, but if you add a long table to share with a strangers well everything taste even better.

Sharing an experience like this in addition to make its mark for the dream place can enrich even the most skeptical taste, because at the table there is no place for discontent or silences, all sounds as laughter and smiles in a continuous passage of emotions that goes through the continuous exchange of foods and drinks.

The table is laid directly between the rows so that make the dinner even more magical. The menu is created only  with ingredients from the host farm and in some cases it is possible to  request a vegetarian or vegan menu.

Depending on the experience you want to live there are several options available. Exploreat proposes in Chianti region(Tuscany), famous in the world for the long tradition of wine production, this program: visit to the cellar with wine tasting and ending with the dinner , the event will take place until 31 October at pre-established dates I would advise you to keep an eye out here. Anoth tour in Chianti is offer by Mytours: a visit to the vineyard  with tasting of wine and a barbecue accompanying Tuscan dishes such as pappa al pomodoro and ribollita, here you can book your tour. Moving In Emilia-Romagna we find Itexists who propose the only possibility to have dinner on the Emilian hills in Castelveltro di Modena a little place near Modena a town famous for its centenarian culinary tradition.You can book your dinner here.

Different regions but a single strand of cheerfulness and conviviality that will make your experience truly unforgettable.

Ph credit to Itexsist

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