First impression of CurlyEllie Gentle Shampoo, Nourishing Conditioner & the Curl Defining Leave-in Conditioner

Curly Ellie is a young british brand, that begine its adventure when a mom start to search products that can make her daughter’s (Ellie) hair routine free of tears, but doesn’t find nothing that can fit her demand so she create a new brand that produce products for curly hair with: natural ingredient, free of mineral oil , parabens and silicons.


 Before                                            After                                            

I tried the mini size of the Gentle Shampoo, the Nourish conditioner and the Curl Defining Leave-in Conditioner. I completely fallen in love with this products. When I try new staff for my hair I never 100% happy with them, there is always something that don’t completely fit my type of curls. Especially I always have a lot of trouble with shampoo because the most of it are too agressive, but the Gentle shampoo  cleanse my scalp without being aggressive and a really important thing  doesn’t dry out my hair lent. I like the consistency because isn’t too thick and its easy to spread on the hair. For achieve the picture result after the shampoo I apply the Nourishing conditioner all over my hair waiting 5 minutes. I easily comb the hair because the product made so fast the detangling process and leave my curls soft without losing my hair texture .After that I apply two drops of jojoba oil, the Curl Defining Leave-in conditioner and a bit of aloevera gel. The Curl Defining Leave-in conditioner are perfect using in the LOC method or apply on your hair when are start to dry out or for revive some old twist out. The texture are not extremely thick so it’s spread really well on the hair. The three producs have the same fragrance made using only essential oils. The scents is absolutely delicious because reminds me a peaches pie and of course is approved by Ellie. I’ll definitely gonna buy the full size of this three products. If you are interested to try out the curly ellie range you can find here the products.

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