Grazzano Visconti

Grazzano Viisconti is a really small and characteristic village near Piacenza in Emilia Romagna, Italy. Part of the name is in honor of the duke Giovanni Visconti, who in 1900 wants to revive the ancient castle, starting a renovation and the creation of a new village around it in fifteenth-century style. Before going to visit Grazzano Visconti is better check out the schedule of the castel and the castle’s park because you can might found it cloused and never meet Aloisa the ghost. The legend tells that Aloisa was married to a captain and she died of jealousy once discovered his betrayals. Now she live in the castle and in the castle’s park and if you weren’t nice with her, bringing some gift to her statue or don’t believe in her, you may are in trouble.  During the renovation of the village duke Visconti, decides to build several workshop and a school for craftsmen to train young artisans. So that people after learning a job, they can work in Grazzano Visconti. Strolling around the principal road you can admire some of that workshop.

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