How to survive to the last summer days? A secret Garden Rooftop in London.

Enjoy what’s left of the summer sipping a cocktail on the terrace of the Jhon Lewis store converted to the name Gardening Society at 300 Oxford Street in London. For the second year in a row  the John Lewis  company decides to open the store’s terrace to the public. A magical place where I can immediately notice the care reserved for each element that acts as a furnishing accessories on the terrace: pots containing different floral varieties, trees, small fences, suitcases, books, watering cans, each element that seems randomly arranged is actually contextualized by the final atmosphere that gives the whole set of furniture, with wendy house  that glimpsed from the rooftop,  you can reserved one for a lunch or a dinner with friends. The cafe is in fact a cocktail bar, but also has a pop-up space converted into a restaurant that alternates different chefs who bring their delicacies on the roof.

At this moment, it is up to Simon Hulstone and his wife Katy to make a culinary trip to Devonshire with a selection of the most popular dishes of their  The Elephant the first restaurant in Torquay to be awarded a Michelin star which it maintains today.  The restaurant can be booked for a lunch or a dinner. Reservation is mandatory and can be done directly from the site here, where you are also reporting the times when you can eat the meal, one hour and a half for lunch and two hours for the dinner, after this time you will need to release the table for the next turn. One of the strengths of The Elephant is that all ingredients used in the restaurant such as vegetables, meat or fish are come from farms and crops that make sustainability their strengths.

For spend more time in this London corner you can accessing to the cocktail bar, which delivers refreshing drinks to suit all tastes. The signature cocktail is the Green Society made with  matcha green tea, rum and  mint leaves collected directly from the plants of the terrace. Not happy with a bar and restaurant John Lewis wanted to exaggerate and throughout the day they decided to arrange different events on the terrace such as gardening lessons, fitness masterclasses and events that cater to the most varied needs. In short if you are in London I recommend to stop by untile September 24th on the last day of opening the terrace.


Ph credit to @foleysrestaurant and @johnlewisratail

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