Lavanda del Lago soap & candel review

A few weeks ago I went to a village named Grazzano Visconti and I dicovered a really cute shop call Lavanda del Lago. Antonella the owner was very kind and she  told me the whole philosophy behind the brand. All the product are made using  ten diffent species of lavander: Eight of this have been chosen for  the properties while the other two were chosen for the color and the fragrance . The species are grown organically in Italy and essential oils have been made for external and internal use. It is important to say that the water used in products comes from a natural thermae and for that is a natural preservative.



From the shop i bought a candel and a soap. I’m in love with the named Graniglia di Lavanda, the smell is amazing and is very cool that the purple part is looks like a granola. Unfortunately is not available on the web site, I hope that is restock soon. The soap is very gently and leaves the skin hydrated. You can find  the soap here, at the price of five euros.


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