Le erbe di Janas: review of the new shampoo & hair mask

Le erbe di Janas are a Sardinia based  italian organic beauty brand and this september they come out with several new products. I love this brand since the beginning of their adventure and I tried before all of they cosmetic erbal and clays and love the quality of the products, so i was really curious about the new staff. I choose to buy the shampoo for dry hair and the hydrating hair mask.

Guys if you try this product you’ll truly fall in love: Honestly I never seen a formula like this! Six extracts, two essentials oils and again two  oils in one single product immediately understand the quality of the formulation. Once opened the shampoo impresses with fabulous fragrance of essential oils, that makes the user feel immediately pampered. This scent  persist  even many hours from completion of the wash. Few of water mixed  product drops  are enough  to get an optimum washing ability, infact my scalp is deeply clean. For whose who generally  co-washing  is an excellent product to be alternated with the latter.





I also took the moisturizing mask with prickly pear and saffron, this mask has a nice consistence that reminds me of lemon mousse. Before apply the mask it’s important to pat your hair well to prevent the product drippings. The fragrance is amazing the prickly pear give a really nice scent, that spreads throughout the room  all over the room, giving the impression of being in a Spa. Even on the mask contain ten extracts, two essential oils and another two oils.

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