Micellar waters have definitely conquered the beauty community. Are perfect after a busy day, to quickly remove makeup or for travelling to have all in one product. Every beauty addict have more than one in their makeup station. The only things you need in addiction to it are a cotton pads and thanks to the presence of surfactants in the form of micellas are able to successfully remove makeup.I tested for a while the Kale Micellar water for oily & blemish prone skin tipes, one of the best seller product from Pacifica, a 100% Vegan and Cruelty free brand based in U.S.A.Pacifica philosophy is based on the creation of highly performing and high-quality natural products with no harmful substances for people and the environment.
Since the first use of the product, I could notice how perfectly cleanse the skin without being too aggressive to the most sensitive areas of my face.
The skin after use seems very bright thanks to the glycolic acid infused.This acid loosens the bonds that allow superficial skin cells to stay together and this allows to remove dead skin, bringing new skin to light that looks more brighter softer and smoother.
In addicted to the glycolic acid the formula contains coconut water that is extremely moisturizing and different extracts like calendula , grapefruit and Kale witch is the first one in the formula.
Kale is rich in vitamin A, K, and C in fact is a powerful antioxidant that contrasts the effects of free radicals, it helps to detoxifies the skin increse the collagen production  and thightens the pores.

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