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Morning skincare routine using only Dr.Hauschka products

Daily skincare routine is essential to keep your face devoid of impurities, to mitigate signs of expression or to postpone the arrival of the first wrinkles. For that it’s essential understand the needs of your skin and use appropriate products for morning and night skincare routine. Dr.Hauschka through the online skin test, available on the site of the brand, meets the needs of their customers, advising at the end of the questions, the products that fit their beauty rituals. The products I tested on the last few weeks, to take care of my skin are the cleansing cream, the toning lotion and the Melissa day cream.

The routine begins wetting the skin, to prepare it for the use of the Cleansing Cream. Applying a small amount of product on the palm of the hand and diluting with some drops of water, to make the consistency of the detergent more fluid. Dab the Cleansing Cream on face and neck. Apply the product several times without rubbing. Then remove the Cleansing Cream with warm water. And make the last rinsing with cold water. Dab the skin with a microfiber cloth for remove the water.


Vaporize the Toning Lotion and gently tap the product on the face and neck with your fingers until is completely absorbed.





Finally apply the melissa cream. If you want, you can apply immediately some makeup, because the cream is a great makeup base.




After a few weeks of the exclusive use of this ritual I can say that I have noticed significant improvements in my face, the skin is more radiant, moisturized and small imperfections are almost disappeared. I recommend this ritual especially to those who have young and oily skin but with sensitive areas.

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