Review: Argasens hair mask

A few day ago I went to SANA the international organic and natural saloon, and I bought a hair mask made with Argan oil by an Italian brand named Argasens. The mask color is a deep yellow, smell really good with a sweet sense. The thing that struck me at the booth was the density of the mask, if I put it upside down remain still. I tryed the product a few times and I can say it is good, but if you have a natural hair, you must let it rest the mask more than the six minusts the box suggest, you atlist one hour. The mask help you to complete detailing your hair with out any struggle, essential things for all the curly people and leave the hair soft. The mask washing out very easily and don’t leave your hair greasy. I suggest using this product on your hair lengths and be generous on the tips.

Let me know if you try it!

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