Travel Diary: Copenhagen

My three days in Copenhagen, the capital of  Denmark start landed on the Københavns Lufthavn the airport of the city, is located on the islands of Sjælland and Amager and, once landed here the thing that struck me was the atmosphere that is breathed on the streets and in the premises of this city, difficult to explain or better as possible to sum up in the word hygge, a Danish term that even if is difficult to translate, means tranquility, welcome, the chance to fully enjoy the little things of life with your loved ones.

The first things I do is going to the hotel and doing the check inn. I decided to stay at the  Absalon Hotel  that I highly recommend for the position, really close to the central station. The rooms are clean, nice and well furnished. the courtesy set consisted of REN products a clean beauty brand that i love. The hotels is even close to the Tivoli park an amusement park that during the Christmas time is a real attraction for all the people coming from every part of Europe to see it and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere of the park.

The first day in Copenhagen was a rainy day, so we decided to went to the Emporia Shopping Center in Malmo a Swedish town near Copenhagen. To reach the shopping center from Copenhagen you have to cross the Öresund bridge, the longest in Europe positioned above a surface of water. The mall is inside a beautiful contemporary building designed by Gert Wingårdh. Deserves a visit even to appreciate the magnificent structure of the building as well as you have many shops that will meet the needs of the most incurable shopping addicted.

My second day in Copenhagen started with a coffee at Risteriet, a very nice café located in the city center, for a good amount of energy for strolling around the city. My tour stared from Nyhavn that means ancient port, now is the tourist port of the city, characterized by the famous houses with coloured walls that line the dock where we can admire several ancient boats, is certainly the most photographed place in the city. Walking through the streets of Copenhagen, we arrive at Marmorkirken also called The Marble Church, which houses the largest dome in all of Scandinavia designed by architect Nicolai Eigtved in 1740. I continue the walk to the Amalienborg palace this is the official residence of Danish royal family. The last leg of my morning tour is the statue of the Little Mermaid a symbol of Copenhagen here all the info and curiosity about the statue.

For lunch, I decide to go to Copenhagen street food a space with several stands in an industrial area called Papirøen, near the city’s port. Here there are different stalls that serve different type of street food, ranging from hamburger, to hotdogs, or from pizza to soups, not forgetting tacos, eggs cooked in a thousand ways and even take away oysters, always in respect of sustainability and the highest quality of raw materials.

After lunch I went to Stroget the most big pedestrian street of Europe full of cafes, shops and restaurants. After that I decide to go and drink a coffee at The Coffee Collective a great place for a different coffee experience, here all the info. For the dinner I choose the Blue Taco a place that I don’t recommended for the really low quality of food.

The third day we had the time only for a short visit to the city’s botanical garden. One of the most important in all of Europe founded in 1870 and extending for about ten hectares. The gardens are in fact part of the Museum of Natural History of Denmark, is an amazing place, which boasts over 900 species, not counting the most precious part of the garden that of historic glasshouses. After this last stage, we decide to give us a Matcha latte at Lagkagehuset and then go to the airport.

Copenhagen wonderful, welcoming city that made me feel at home from the first moment is a wonderful place that certainly deserves to be visited, lived understood and appreciated as ever another city in Europe and that will remain in the heart once left.

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