Travel diary: Matera

Try to describe the charme of Matera through words and images is not enough. Walking through the Sassi of Matera (the historic nucleus of the city) you feel like being carried in a distant age in fact, between the streets and the dwellings that have settled in the courses of the centuries on the side of the natural caves of the city, we can find early human settlements dating to the Palaeolithic.
The Sassi of Matera was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993 and in 2019 the city will be the European Capital of Culture and  will host events, concerts, shows and cultural initiatives that will make Matera a must-see for anyone wishing to visit this wonderful place.  My exploration of the city begins at Piazzetta Pascoli, with its belvedere that shows a sneak peek of  the two districts of the Sassi, from which you can enjoy a fantastic view on the historic city center. For those who want to stay a little longer I suggest a stop at the Lanfranchi coffee, near the terrace, for many the best of Matera.

The walk continues along Calata Domenico Ridola, where I know immediately that the real protagonists of Matera are not the famous Sassi but a group of sweet white kittens. They are all well cared and I noticed that the residents provide them  making sure they always have plenty of water and food.


Continuing my tour I came across one of the typical bakeries in Matera I advise you to stop by to taste the typical bread of the place, a real symbol of the city without which you can not go home, is realized by a typical processing system from the furnaces of the area, which provides for the exclusive use of durum wheat semolina.

Walking around Matera, I could see that getting lost is really easy, the streets and the alleys form a labyrinth where it’s tricky to find the way out , but where the difficulty is made sweeter by the unexpected and breathtaking views that give us the city. Wandering you can easily get into these churches: Convent of St. Anthony, St. Peter’s Church, Church of St. Mary of Idris, enchanted  places that are deserves a visit. Matera is a charming place, but after  the sunset  is even more beautiful, stay here and admire the enchanting play of lights that animates the city,  will make you definitively  fall in love with this place.

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