Guys you know that Rome is called the “ Città eterna”? With a millenial history that is breathed in every corner, there’s no better way to descrive this place. I went  there for a long week-end  in March, and the city  welcomed  me with a pleasant temperature and a  warm sun. As soon as I arrived in town I immediately left my luggage at the hotel, which  was in  Monti area a really central district of the city easily accessible by metro, tram and bus, here  there are thousand of typical restaurant and osterie where you can really live the truly Bella Vita Romana, sitting on the dehor doing an Aperitivo or  eating a nice Spaghetti with Cacio e pepe, a traditional Roman meal. I really recomend this part of the city cause it’s  young, trendy and perfect to use as a base for explore Rome, also from here the colusseum is really near, and this characterize the district as one of the most precious areas of Rome. Once I did  the check inn at the hotel, I immediately to discover Rome. For the first day I decide to go straigh to the Vatican City. I take the metro and I easily arrive to my destinaticion. When I arrived in piazza San Pietro I was immediately struck by the immensity of the columns behind which the square is hidden and as soon as you pass the same, the eye on the square is really impressive.

The square is divided  in two parts,  in the most largest of two, on the center you can see the Vatican obelisk. The time to enjoy the square, take some pic and drink a nice cappuccino,  have a little break and I’m on my way to  to castel S. Angelo, a cylindrical structure full of history, in front of bridge Sant’Angelo , not far from the Vatican, in the Borgo district. Take a look at how beautiful is Castel Sant’Angelo, the Bridge with it’s Angels. That are the angels wanted by Pope Clement IX in 1668. They were carved on drawing by Lorenzo Bernini from his students, the number of angel is ten  but two of that are copies of the originals.

I arrived on the riverbank at sunset time and this made the view even more magical. After this magical evening I return to the hotel, going out for dinner and going to sleep.

For my second day I decided to enjoy my breakfast at Pandalì, located in Via di Torre Argentina 3 (near Largo di Torre Argentina located in the Campo Marzio area) is a gluten free bakery where you can indulge in delicious croissants, biscuits, bomboloni and a lot of gluten-free sweets, drinking organic juice, a good coffe or a cup of  tea. The products are prepared with corn , buckwheat or chickpeas flour and there are  also lactose free alternatives. From here I walk about 500mt and I arrived in Piazza Navona  a symbol of Baroque Rome. The Four Rivers Fountain in the center of the square, representing the Danube, the Ganges, the Nile and the Rio della Plata. In an ideal representation of the four corners of the earth.

Walking through my way to  Piazza del popolo I see a lot of interesting place on the maps you can see a lot of museum, square and church and you can choose how to visit.In twenty minutes I arrived at Piazza del popolo, a large urban square in Rome, the name in Italian literally means “People’s Square.There are three churches on the square. The oldest is the Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo. A little break , with a yummy gelato and then it’s time to go on  Piazza Di Spagna. The plaza is beautiful on the stairs of Trinità dei Monti make that place like a postcard.

At the foot of the stairs, you will find the famous Barcaccia Fountain, the work of Pietro Bernini and his son, Gian Lorenzo.

Wandering around the city I did not realize that it was already lunch time and I decided to go to Voglia di Pizza a gluten- free restaurant where I enjoy a really nice pizza, the  menu is extensive with typical dishes of Roman cuisine, and various vegan or lactose free alternatives  I  take a pizza and I have to say that was really good. The place is in Via dei Giubbonari 33, in Campo dei fiori Area. After this delicious meal I continued my exploration of Rome , took the N5 bus and went down to the Corso / Minghetti stop and after a few minutes I arrived at the Trevi Fountain, a unique emotion.

Before you leave don’t forget to throw a coin into the fountain, it will ensure your return to the eternal city.Near Trevi fountain you can find another famous place: Pantheon, is a former Roman temple now a Church in Rome. One  of the best preserved of all Ancient Roman buildings.

For the third day I wake up early and I go straight to the Colosseum, do you know that is the largest amphitheater in the world? Really amazing. Near it you can find the Fori Imperiali.

Building by the Romans Imperators. This place is an area where you can find a lot of public squares building at the time of Roman Republic and on Roman Empire. I decided to enjoy this place and take my time for visit the Colosseum and sitting to contemplete the view.

I really enjoy my morning between Colosseum and fori Imperiali. And for lunch I went to Pasta chef ,a street food place that made organic dishes from the ingredients to the container and respect the seasonality for guarentee a fresh and different food  every time of the year. They also have  gluten free vegan and vegetarians options.

When I finish to eat it was time for buying a little souvenir from thios city and leave Rome. See you Rome it was magical

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