Liquidflora: presentation and products reviews


Many people are scared of organic makeup because there are many of false myths around this subject. All the prejudices as if an organic fondation can’t have enough coverage or a toluene-free nail polish doesn’t spread easily are not real. During the years, the cosmetic companies like Liquidflora that produce organic makeup have an incredible update, which it made their products highly performing.

Liquidflora range includes high quality makeup and skincare products all of them certified ICEA, cruelty free, vegan ok e Nickel tested. Recently the Hurbena skincare line It has been enriched with two new cream the Hurbena Tender for normal to dry skin  and the Hurbena Densive for normal to oily skin. Both creams have a formula made to fight skin stress caused by city life. I tried once the Tender cream like a primer and my first impression is really positive, because the cream has nourished my skin without any shining.

Reading the cream formula we can notice that instead of water was used the aqueous extract of organic brown rice rich in starch, vitamins and proteins. This extract is known for its lenitive properties and to prevent spot ages and hyperpigmentation. In the formula we can also find: purified lymph of Canadian Maple, organic extra virgin olive oil, Moringa Oleifera and shea butter.

Liquidflora in addition to excellent skincare products and a full range of exceptionl makeup products, use for all the entire lines recyclable confections. In fact, all plastic packaging is made using VEGETABLE PLASTIC: INGEO ™, innovative substance, environmentally friendly and obtained from renewable raw materials such as corn, plants and cellulose. Al the external packaging are made with certificate paper from FSC.

Mascara 01 is an intense black and allows to define and volumize the eyelashes with the rich formula of active ingredients that promise  to restructure the lashes making them soft and elastic. The mascara reflects the expectations because with the first coat separates and defines the eyelashes and with the second coat volumizes eyelashes. The pack contains 10 ml of product and once is open you have to use it in six month.

Compact powder eye shadow number 08 Golden Moon a very light golden colour with light bronze reflexes, has an extremely soft texture excellent pigmentation and is not excessively dusty. The packaging is refilled so when the eye shadow is finish you can easily insert the new one. The pack contains 3 g of product which, after first use, must be used in 12 months.

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