Review Gentle Enzyme Peel by Clochee

Peeling is a beauty treatment that exfoliates the skin through various types of chemical or natural substances that was applied to the epidermis and help it regenerate by promoting cell turnover. If peeling is chemical you should turn to specialized centers in this type of treatment,as to be able to proceed it is necessary to define the most effective chemical for our case and the level of depth of the dermis on which go to action: superficial, medium or deep. At home it is possible to applay less invasive treatments such as fruit acid enzymatic peelings that using their naturally occuring enzymes, to exfoliate gently the skin such as Gentle Enzyme Peeling by Clochee, that I’ve been able to try thanks to Finalga the italian distributor of the brand.

Beyond of the enzymes in the peeling we find the Apple Extract“rich in  A, B, C and K vitamins, AHA acids, flavonoids, phenols it shows anti – oxidant properties and protects the skin’s cells. Stimulates the epidermis renewal process, has strong antioxidant and moisturising properties”. The Cranberry Extract: “cranberry perfectly moisturizes, displays lifting properties, slows down the skin ageing process and is also a rich source of natural vitamins and microelements that strengthens the immune resistance of the skin. It contains a wide variety of flavonoids, which are responsible for antioxidant effects and stabilization of the capillaries walls, which protects them from rupturing. Flavonoids act  anti – inflammatory, anti-allergic, analgesic and anti-swelling”. And the finger lime caviar extract that have refresnes and antiseptic property. The packaging is single-dose and I find it practical and hygienic useful to avoid waste. First you perfectly cleanses the skin and then with a brush, spread the peeling avoiding the area around the eyes and lips and leave for 10/15 minutes. The product is extremely delicate so it is not suitable for those seeking a deeper action but I recommend it to those who suffer from hyper-sensitive skin. Personally once removed I could notice that my skin looked brighter.

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