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Pirelli 2018: An all black cast

The famous calendar proposed every year by Pirelli, is a true institution. The British fashion photographer Tim Walker signs the 2018 edition. Who has created a modern version of the Alice in Wonderland, with a unique series of shots. If the colours matching capture the eyes and leaves pleasantly surprised (I remember the previous two versions were black and white) the cast is the soul of the calendar. We can find Puff Daddy, Whoopi Goldberg,  Naomi Campbell, Lupita Nyong’o and a  lot of actors models and activist. All of them are black so the calendar are launching a strong message of beauty and inclusion. Is amazing that Tim Walker giving us a new view of Alice’s story. That  message speak directly to all the fashion business, because he shows that is possible realize a great calendar even if the models are all dressed, and not just with a bikini. He offering us an artistic calendar that shows a great example of inclusion and unique elegance. I hope will be captured and re-proposed in the future.

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