Top three products 100% Pure


100% Pure is one of the most none brand that use natural ingredients and maintain vegan and cruelty free their products all made in USA. The Vitamin C Serum, Bright Eyes Mask and the Coffee Bean Eye Cream are three of their best seller.

The Vitamin C Serum is suitable to every skin because have a gentle effect. The serum is perfect for who search a product that brightening an smooth the skin. The vitamin C present in the product improve the production of collagen so the serum can be use even as anti-aging product. I personally like the product because absorbs quickly and leave my skin hydrated and more smoothly.

Bright Eyes Mask is an eye mask, made with hydrogel composed from 95% organic aloe Vera water and 5% plant cellulose, perfect for a deep hydration. The mask is also perfect to de-puff the under eye area and brightening the skin. I think this product is absolutely a must have in your weekly routine.

Coffee Bean Eye Cream is definitely my favourite product of 100% Pure, is made with coffee, green tea, rosehip oil and vitamin E. The cream have an immediately effect  because reduce the puffiness and the dark circles around the eyeseyes .

You can buy the 100% Pure product on line on they web site.

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