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Olfattiva: The best natural fragrance

How many of you can’t resist a famous bottle of perfume? But How many people don’t know that the most famous fragrances contain phthalates and synthetic musks.  The first can interfere with the endocrine system, the second have a petrochemical origin,  that settling in the tissues of fish and mammals and increase the effects of exposure to other synthetic substances. For this reason, it is always better to choose perfumes or  water scented ,that contain  essences with a  natural origin. Olfattiva provide  a wide range of perfumes, roll-on with Bach flowers, essential oils, hydrolates, vegetable oils and car perfumers. All the products are from natural source, including the essences. In the last few months I have used the Gioia Invernale perfume and the Roll on Nuvola di Crema.

Gioa Invernale scent  is born to represent “the winter Joy to enjoy your home with people dear to us, this is what Vanilla, Mandarin and Orange communicate. The sweet caress of Vanilla and the joy of solar plants give satisfaction and warmth. Just like when you are with someone you love. Note: orange-head, mandarin-heart and vanilla-base “. Personally, I love this fragrance and all the times I wear it I get compliments, it persists for several hours and is a vegan product.

Nuvola di Crema is one of the nine “roll on with Bach Flowers”. They are aromatherapy and pocket floritherapy products. Their simple and natural composition makes them suitable to the skin anytime. The subtle energy of Essential Oils and Bach Flowers always at your fingertips. Roll On allows you, to always carry the benefits of essential oils, in synergy with the Bach Flowers that enhance their subtle properties. ”

Nuvola di Crema is the roll on that represents the lightness composed of of lemon and vanilla essential oil and from Red Chestnut on a base of almond oil.  Has a light fragrance with a sweet fragrance that makes it prefect for a little cuddle during the day. Find all the Olfattiva products here.


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